Sadyba Restaurant (Ternopil District)

Interior of The Sadyba Restaurant in Malyy Khodachkiv, Ternopil region

If you would like to have a dinner far from city and big traffic areas, somewhere in marvelous rural area, The Sadyba Restaurant it’s exactly for you. Take a ride to the Malyy Khodachkiv town, just 15 kilometers from Ternopil, 20 minutes to drive, Eastern direction. Park your car or bus on the big parking place near the restaurant and first of all go to enjoy an amazing village’s sightseeing from the top of hill (where is restaurant located). You will see a big green meadow with cows and horses on, fields and garden as well. Breathe a pure rural air, listen a singing of birds and… get hungry!

Sadyba Restaurant, Ternopil region
Outside of Sadyba restaurant, Ternopil region
Backyard of Sadyba Restaurant, Ternopil region

Now you can study a menu. Better to take with you somebody who knows English (or English-Ukrainian electronic translator), because restaurant don’t have English menu yet (but they are working for it). There is a big choice of dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. First, try a traditional Ukrainian appetizer salo (pork fat in special marinade). It’s doing very good with rye bread. The Sadyba restaurant chef-cook has an own special recipe to marinate salo. After salo and other appetizers (big choice in menu!) you can enjoy traditional Ukrainian borshch (beet soup), holubtsi (cabbage rolls), incredible tasty mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce and shish kebab, grilled outside, in the restaurant’s backyard, and many other delicious dishes from the menu.
While restaurant’s staff will make your dinner, you can walk in restaurant backyard, to enjoy a flowers and plants, or to try to catch some fish by yourself (restaurant’s lake is directly behind backyard). You can also ask waiters to serve your dinner outside, they have a little wooden pavilions on the backyard.
But if you would like to stay inside of restaurant, you will enjoy a nice wooden interior in. The Sadyba restaurant has two halls (dinner hall and dance hall). It is very comfortable for big parties like birthday or wedding.

Wedding at Sadyba Restaurant in Malyy Khodachkiv, Ternopil region

Here is a video from a wedding at the Sadyba Restaurant.

Approximate cost of dinner for one person in Sadyba Restaurant is about 50 UAH ($10 USD).
Payment in cash (UAH).
By the way, if you are planning to stay very late for the party in Sadyba Restaurant, you can order a room in Sadyba hotel. Yes, they have a small pretty hotel upstairs of restaurant. Cost of room is $30 (150 UAH).

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