Zorepad Restaurant and Bar

Zorepad Restaurant in Ternopil (West Ukraine)
Zorepad Restaurant in Ternopil city (Western Ukraine)
Reception in Zorepad Restaurant (Ternopil city, Western Ukraine)
Wedding in the Zorepad Restaurant in Ternopil
Wedding dance in the Zorepad restaurant in Ternopil

Nice cozy restaurant and bar. Ukrainian and European cuisine. There are espesically delicious soups, fish, cabbage rolls and dishes from chicken.
Good public transportation to the restaurant from almost any part of Ternopil (about three minutes walking from bus stop). Very comfortable place for parking vehicles.
Interior of hall is made in Ukrainian colours, yellow and blue. (Yellow and blue are colours of Ukrainian flag).
Approximate cost of dinner for one person is about 50 UAH ($10) or more, depend from menu items.
Payment in cash (UAH).

Opening hours:

11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Zluky Ave. 11,


+ 38 (0352) 276 273