Staryy Mlyn (Old Mill) Restaurant-Museum

Old Mill Restaurant Museum Ternopil Ukraine
Old Mill restaurant Museum Ternopil Western Ukraine
Old Mill Restaurant Museum Ternopil West Ukraine
The Old Mill Restaurant (Ternopil city, Western Ukraine)
Old Mill Restaurant in Ternopil (West Ukraine): Fresh cabbage salad in cute wooden bowl

Unique restaurant-museum. Built on the place of real old mill, which was working on the beginning of 20th century.
Ukrainian cuisine. Traditional Ukrainian borshch (beet soup), holubtsi (cabbage rolls), varenyky (pyrogies) with different kinds of filling, kyshka (hot buckwheat and pork blood sausage) and many other incredible tasty dishes are cooked in accordance with local Ternopil’s recipes. The Staryy Mlyn (Old Mill) it is one of the couple Ternopil’s restaurants where you can get menu in English.
After you have ordered a meal, waiters will bring you a complimentary appetizer in Ukrainian style on amazing wooden plate (by the way, all the dinner serving plates and bowls in the Staryy Mlyn Restaurant are made from wood and clay). There is a cup of cold melted pork lard with spices (Ukrainians call this stuff smalets), with chopped garlic and slices of rye bread. You put a little bit of smalets on your bread, garlic on the top as well, and enjoy!
Interior of the Staryy Mlyn is made in typical Ukrainian wooden style. You can study history of Ternopil and western Ukraine from lots of artifacts inside restaurant-museum. There are many old Ukrainian dishes, old kitchenware, newspapers and magazines of last centuries. Staff of the Staryy Mlyn restaurant-museum wears traditional Ukrainian embroidered outfits (on the picture below):
The Old Mill Restaurant in Ternopil city (West Ukraine)

Without any doubts, you will enjoy a live folk music from the Staryy Mlyn Restaurant musicians. Usually they are playing for free, for all the people, but if you would like to listen a special folk song for you, of course, you have to pay.
Here is video fragment of performance of the Staryy Mlyn (Old Mill) Restaurant band. The musicians are playing jolly Ukrainian tune.

There are very good public transportation to the Old Mill Restaurant and place for parking as well.
Approximate cost of dinner for one person is about $15 USD, depend from menu items you order.
Payment in cash (UAH) and (what a relief!) they also accept credit cards.

Opening hours:

12:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Brodivs'ka Str., 1a,


+ 38 (0352) 235 823