Volodar Restaurant

If you are looking for place for a small wedding, a business-lunch, a family reunion or just hanging up with bunch of your friends, the Volodar restaurant in the city of Ternopil is a perfect place for you. The restaurant is located in the Western part of Ternopil, downstairs of a new condominium on Berezhanska Str. 57. Actually, it is the end of the city and you can enjoy a beautiful view of Ternopil’ suburb directly from the restaurant courtyard.
A very important feature of the Volodar restaurant is that you can have your party over there very privately: except a general banquet hall, they have three amazing party rooms. You can book any of them, depends on size of your company. This one, a red one, can place up to 30 persons;
Volodar Restaurant Ternopil City Western Ukraine
two other private rooms, a blue one and a green one, are little bit smaller. These rooms are wonderful opportunity for you party, because nothing, even music from the restaurant’s hall (a band plays in the Volodar, music starts at 8 p.m.) will not interrupt your conversation (checked by the authors of this source).
In the Volodar restaurant you can enjoy European and Ukrainian cuisines. Some of the dishes are the restaurant’ specialties: this is only place in Ternopil where you can get something unusual like hard boiled eggs stuffed with chicken liver for appetizer.
Here is a typical Ukrainian party table served at the Volodar restaurant (with appetizers only, main entries come after):
Volodar Restaurant Feast Ternopil City West Ukraine
And here is, actually, a party, which is having a really great time in the Volodar restaurant:
Volodar Restaurant Ternopil City West Ukraine
Another party, just by the door of this red room, enjoys music and dances:
Beautiful Girl Dancing Volodar Restaurant Ternopil City Ukraine
Only two things are not very tourist-friendly in this restaurant: first, the restaurant doesn’t have an English menu and stuff doesn’t speak English, so you better have with you somebody that can translate; second, they don’t accept credit cards, so you have to pay in cash only. Payment is in UAH (Ukrainian hryvnias). Approximate cost of the dinner for one person is about $10.

Opening hours:

11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Berezhans’ka Str. 57,


+ 38 (0352) 538 485