Winter Garden Restaurant and Bar (20 kilometers from Ternopil)

If you are in Ternopil (West Ukraine) and you are looking for some very special place for your dinner, the Winter Garden restaurant and bar is just what you need, take a look:
Winter Garden Restaurant Zbarazh Ternopil Oblast West Ukraine
Yes, we know what do you probably think: where am I, in tropics or in Ukraine? The answer is, yes, in Ukraine AND in tropics at the same time. Take a look at another picture of this beauty:
Winter Garden Restaurant Zbarazh Ternopil Oblast Western Ukraine
The Winter Garden restaurant is located in Zbarazh city, which is only 20 kilometers from Ternopil (you can easily get there by taxi). The Winter Garden restaurant is unique because it is only place in Ukraine where you can dine in a shade of these gorgeous tropical plants:
Winter Garden Restaurant Zbarazh Western Ukraine
There are plants like palm trees which are not compatible with Ukrainian climate outdoor, so the staff of the restaurant keeps a special temperature for tropical plants all year around. The authors of this source had a chance to visit this restaurant in a winter time, and it was something really special and enjoyable: all of sudden, from all the snow and frost just right outside of the restaurant, to get in to these tropics, like to a totally different world.
Winter Garden Restaurant Zbarazh West Ukraine
The Winter Garden restaurant is good for both small and big kinds of parties. This is an ideal place for weddings, balls, birthdays, anniversaries and simply for getting together with family or friends. The Winter Garden restaurant is a one of the favorite spots of Ukrainian television: TV likes to shoot some their shows over there.
Actually, the restaurant is pretty big and can place up to 2-3 different parties at the same time. For example, our party for 11 persons was served in this corner with fireplace,
Winter Garden Restaurant Ternopil Oblast Western Ukraine
and we had enough privacy and felt ourselves very cozy and as very desirable guests in this restaurant (the staff of the Winter Garden is just amazing!).
And food… oh, food in the restaurant it was a triumph of the Ukrainian deliciousness! For example, a cod liver salad (cod liver is a delicacy item in Ukraine): cod liver pieces with chopped green onion, sliced fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and mayonnaise dressing. Another appetizer worth to try in this restaurant is a sliced cold meat: they bake different kinds of traditional Ukrainian deli like ham, meatloaf and bacon locally, in the Winter Garden, so they are not like other restaurants which are buying meat deli for cold meat platters in the stores (sliced cold meat platter it is one of the “must to be” at Ukrainian party table). Speaking about main entrees, the potato pancakes stuffed with meat and wild mushrooms sauce on a side is a real hit, at least it was for our party.
Only concern about the restaurant: if you not planning on singing or dancing at your party, just chatting with your family or friends, you better start your dinner early and finish till 8.00 p.m. At 8.00 p.m. the restaurant’s musicians begin to play and actually it is pretty good band, but their amplifiers are way too loud and you start to have a hard time even talking to your company when music is playing. But if you don’t mind music, more than that, if you are going to have fun and dance, you are okay.
Approximate cost of the dinner for one person in the restaurant is $10-15 and payment in cash (Ukrainian hryvnias - UAH). Also, they don’t accept credits cards in the restaurant and they don’t have English translation of a menu.

Opening hours:

12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Karmeliuk Square, 1
Ternopil oblast,


+ 38 (067) 350 5542
+ 38 (098) 306 1056